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Authentic story teller...

Do You Want To Meet The Mesmerizing Story Teller Behind The Lens?

A genuine laugh on your wedding day is priceless. The tears on your wedding day are so real. The glowing look at your wedding comes only once.
These emotions tell so many stories. Sometimes you cry in your story and sometimes you become truly happy. Now, as a photographer, it's my duty to capture those moments at your wedding.
Hello, I am Ralph and I craft immersive love stories through my camera. I believe that every wedding has its own story to tell. That's why I always try to grasp immortal moments.


A perfect moment can help you to relive your wedding day. Hence, I try to know my clients closely. I acquaint myself with their emotions. Then, I create a story that lives forever with all those burning emotions.
I want all of my clients to enjoy the best class photography experience. Therefore, it's my duty to capture mesmerizing photos to match your expectations.






Do you want to know - How would you look as a RVP bride?
Just visit the wedding experience page and you can have an idea of your upcoming wedding story. It would be my responsibility to make your love story alive through my lenses.



I call him Dad!

Growing up, I witnessed the love of my mother and father, and I have always known what it feels like to be loved. Today, I document love stories in a way that allows couples to be their authentic selves. I want to tell a love story - your story.


He gave me my first camera to document life through my young eyes, and I enjoyed every opportunity to do just that. I became known as the friend with the camera! Years later, He taught me how to anticipate moments, and he was the first to train me when I found my way back to the camera in 2010...

We grow, we age, and we change. It's inevitable. However, when you look at a photo that I've taken, I want it to be a timeless reminder of how you looked and felt at that specific time in your life.

Each time you look at your wedding images, I want you to be reminded that on this particular day, and at this particular moment in time - this is where you were, who you were, and what you were doing.

I am a curator of timeless, romantic, and fun love stories! Telling YOUR story means getting to know you on a personal level. It means hearing how you met, fell in love, and plans for your future celebration. Let's discuss how we can best document your day!

From the Clients...

- Oddie S.

Ralph Vandale Photography definitely provides a 5 star experience. He is simply amazing from his communication, his professionalism, his photo/ posing directions, he even arrived before the expected scheduled time. I honestly have nothing bad to say about my experience with him. I have definitely found my photographer for any of my future photography needs, and I definitely recommend him for anyone looking for photography services. Stop searching, this is your guy, book him NOW. You won't be disappointed!

My Personal Philosophy As A Photographer

I believe that you as my client deserve to be my top priority for this special moment of your life. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the photography for your wedding day, I am here to help you out along the way. 


I believe this special day should be your fairytale dream turned into reality. And those powerful emotions of love shared between you and your new spouse would shine through for all your family and loved ones to witness. It is my job to capture those beautiful and romantic moments and turn them into an unforgettable love story from the perspective of my lens. 


I believe every photo I produce should both be high quality and timeless. A photo that could be passed on and relived. A photo that contains so many emotions and stories. A photo that shouldn't just be kept aside, but a photo that deserves to be displayed everywhere. To serve as a reminder of such a special moment in your life. 


I believe that every detail of the event whether that be big or small should be captured. Therefore, I ask my clients to give me enough time to release their wedding day photos. Before I hand over those captivating wedding photos to you, I make sure that every photo taken is guaranteed to bring back those emotions of excitement and pure joy felt during your wedding day.


I believe your wedding photos should be captured in several ways. Traditional photos taken are beautiful, but seeing a different style and perspective to your wedding day is what will help tell your love story from all sides and perspectives. Making the photos even more enjoyable to look back at. A mix of photos that are candid, formal, documentary, and stylish is what will complete the wedding photography experience and leave you with a timeless souvenir of your wedding day. And complete that beautiful wedding journey created from behind the lens.


are we a


You see the trends and love them, but you aren't defined by them. You understand that a marriage is more than a wedding. You want the memories from your wedding day to be a constant reminder of the love that was felt by your invited guests, the tears that were shed by your family during the ceremony, the laughs that were shared on the dance floor, and the portraits of your groom holding you immediately after you said "I Do". If this is you, I would love to meet you and discuss your wedding day vision!